When choosing the right builder to build your dream home, it is important to know their previous clients. KF Builders has an outstanding reputation for custom homes. From our knowledge of the process, permits and architects, we have the highest standard to excellence that require reputatable companies to be vetted and an outstanding proven history before they are allowed to be connected to our team.

We go through a very long background verification process before any contractor is approved to work on our projects and homes. These relationships and dedication to perfection is demanded to continue to other projects. It is our commitment to you!

For over two decades, we have built hundreds of custom homes, large scale businesses from start to finish and some of areas best restaurants, we have earned the trust of our valley home owners and businesses to become a very recognized and popular builder. We provide you with all the facts to achieve the best possible solution for your happiness and success.
Once you purchase your KF Builder Home, you begin the process of personalizing the homes to your dream. The selections and decisions can depend on where the project is during the construction. If you are starting from land, the choices are endless and our skilled team of professionals will provide you with options that may improve on your original concepts that actually benefit you more. You will be selecting floor covering, cabinets, countertops, sinks, appliances, interior doors, hardware, fireplaces, electrical options and more. If your home is partially constructed, we can also provide options for ergonomical designs to improve space, make for easy flow patterns and develop cabinets to maximize all that your home or business can utilize. . Please contact one any of our sales associates to determine what selections can be outlined. Or visit our showroom for some alternative options that can make the difference for years to come.