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KF Builder Overview 

KF Builders is a custom luxury homebuilder and remodeling company in Arizona that has integrated distinctive signature residential custom home designs with stunning landscapes into surrounding communities for more than three decades. We proudly serve all major citiest throughout Arizona with a recognizable and honorable tradition of success. We have helped many families create a beautiful custom home for life long memories.

The Right Approach:
Our goal at KF Builders is to flourished since our inception by delivering a passionate pursuit of detail-rich, value-driven design and quality construction that provides clients with a built-to-suit dream home or renovation projects that matches their lifestyle, schedule and budget. Our homes are commonly described as high-end luxury without the high-end luxury price tag. Whether building on your own site or one of our many available lots, our clients can feel confident they are forging a relationship with professionals that are recognized among Arizona homebuilders, local and national media outlets, huge referral business and our large portion of great reviews.

The Right Process 

We create this confidence by guiding clients through a series of simple, step-by-step processes that provide practical advice, flexible accommodations, transparency and educational insight. We can transform even the most complicated project into an enjoyable experience for everyone from a seasoned client to a first time homebuyer, we deliver promise and pride.

The Right Choice 
Spend some time with our team and you will quickly understand what “The KF Builders Difference” really means. We look forward for the opportunity to show you how combining our passion, experience and dedication, with your dream, anything is possible. One call is all it will take to understand our true passion for building perfectly fit home to the family's dream.

At KF Builders, we can design your Dream Home for maximum energy efficiency. We will incorporate window shading, proper building orientation, and natural daylighting in each design. Additionally, we can size your conventional heating and cooling equipment for maximum energy efficiency.

After minimizing your home's heating and cooling requirements, we will size the renewable energy systems (grid-tied or off-grid) that will best meet your requirements for any climate. These include solar and wind generation as well as solar hot water systems.

Our design staff is headed up by Karl Fosdick who can illustrate the possible design concepts - plot, floor and elevation plans, and structural elements of your home. Karl is an experienced Journeyman Carpenter with 25 years as a general contractor.

Earl Fosdick will incorporate passive solar design principles for maximizing energy efficiency and size your renewable energy systems. He began working in the solar energy field in 1982 as the project leader on the New Mexico Climate Manual Project. Earl is an experienced Journeyman Electrician and holds a Master's Degree in Atmospheric Science from Purdue University.

All of us at KF Builders look forward to working with you to create the quality home of your dreams. We can also assist in the design/build of accessory buildings, gazebos and shade structures of all types and sizes.


The KF Builders Design Team & New Design Center is now open for clients by appointment only. This is your top interior design showroom in North Scottsdale,that has every material, flooring, tiles and more to allow you to develop each room perfectly. With over 30 years experience as a resource for interior designers, our staff can help you find exactly what it is you are looking for, making your job easier and your customer happier.

The KF Builders Design Team provides an efficient, service oriented resource for clients and interior design specialists. The showroom’s name comes from our philosophy that work is more successful and a true relationship is more certain when shared between people with common goals. By working closely with our clients, we create a team atmosphere that enables everyone involved to maximize their time and talents.  As an extension of that idea, KF Builders Design Team showroom strives to operate in a manner that is as environmentally sound as possible.  We believe that by offering an outstanding selection of product, excellent service and an empathetic support system, the KF Builders Design Team will continue to be a resource that all clients will appreciate.

For more information please call us directly to have that personalized touch and experience impress you.

However if you would prefer, email us your questions and concerns and we will reply to you within 24 hours. We pride ourselves on our customer service.


meet our team

Our people are the reason KF Builders have stayed in business since 1985, and we are proud to be a company that has the top people in the industry and recognized people of the valley. We put our best into our homebuilding process and it shows with every happy family we place into a perfectly built home. Our goal is to deliver a quality home with a relationship that will last a lifetime that provides a true confidence for our valued clients

Karl FosdickPresident @ KF Builders
Owner and President of KF Builders. A dedicated and experienced man who is a highly respected and a recognized home builder throughout Arizona. A person who strives to ebsure the client is placed in the highest regard throughout the development. Please feel free to read all the reviews.
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Beth Uscio Office Manager
The office manager is the first one to greet you as you come in the door. Having been in the construction business for over 20 years is now a well rounded person to assist you in getting your custom home built as well as bring you to the Design Center to layout materials and more.
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Sal Ortiz Superintendent
An important person and charged with overseeing all operations and ensuring that homes are built on schedule. Sal also works with the clients at each phase of construction to outline everything that has been completed and what is being done currently.
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Jake FosdickVice President
More to come as we are developing this site. Check back soon.
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